Sustainable Development

Ugitech associates Sustainable Development with the Social role of the company.

The Health and Safety policy of Ugitech participates to this ambition. The absolute need to anticipate environment issues will confort the long term development of the company.

Environmental Letter

In Ugine, our mill  is classified as a high threshold plant according to the SEVESO directive.

On 12 June 2014, Ugitech in co-operation with the Prefecture of Savoie undertook a major risk assessment exercise in respect of Ugine Mill and the population of Ugine living within a 650 metre radius from the site.

The purpose of this exercise was to assess whether the guidelines distributed via the Information and Accident Prevention Guide by the Prefecture of Savoie at the end of 2013 were both known and understood.

This exercise enabled us to test the Public Emergency Services as well as our own internal containment plans.

The exercise demonstrated that progress is needed since it showed that neither the local population nor the employees of Ugitech are sufficiently aware of the nature of chemical risk related to steelmaking.

A plan of action has been drawn up to enable this progress to be made.