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Stainless bars fite to manufacture propeller shafts for boat industry

Solutions béton, les aciers inox

Ugitech, Stainless steel wire rod - Let your inspiration take shape

Ugitech wire drawing plants, Quality at the service of innovation

UGI® Slick, the “must-have” for Slicklines in the Oil & Gas industry

Mass customization, Ugitech gets out of its limits

Stainless Steel and Alloys Drawn Wire Grades

Stainless steel wire rod for cutlery application / spring application

Fil Machine inox pour la soudure

Vous cherchez des inox performants et moins chers...(UGI 4362)

If you are looking for cheaper high-performance stainless steels…(UGI 4362)


Nos nouvelles solutions alliant performances et économies