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20% of our sales are new products sales
Innovation is a major mainstay of Ugitech’s strategy and is the result of rigorous processes we develop internally and externally (co-development project with our customers).

All start with an in depth understanding of our customers needs and the positioning of our competitors offering. This understanding feeds our innovation processes with ideas on new grades, new shapes, new finishes and new services. All Ugitech’s departments work in close cooperation to turn as fast as possible these ideas into offerings.

Of course a key pillar of Ugitech’s innovation is our R&D center. Founded in 1922, our engineers have developed unbeatable expertise and experience. In addition of state-of-the-art R&D equipment such as electronic microscopy, X-ray diffraction and computer based mechanical and thermal simulation, our engineers’ skills provide the market with innovative solutions every year. It results a: 20 % of our sales coming from new products.

Our wish is to share our innovation with our customers. Co-development projects in automotive, appliances or building and construction industries are a tangible sign. Our Quarterly Innovation Letter informs our customers of our new products and services.