Ugitech Italia

As a subsidiary of Ugitech SA, we are specialized in the market of drawn and ground stainless steel bars. This sector, owing to ambitious market demands is characterized by reliability, flexibility and responsiveness.

Ugitech Italia satisfies these requirements with a wide range of products in terms of quality, mechanical characteristics, surface conditions and shapes, offering solutions to your needs with diameters ranging from 1.8 to 60 mm. Since 1954, we have satisfactorily and successfully ensured  a service-oriented performance, also due to the fact that we belong to a large group present on the world market. Our service is such as to provide clients, if necessary, with access to the initial casting, using synergies that otherwise would only accessible to an integrated plant.

A highly demanding international clientele can rely on the performance and high innovative potential of Ugitech Italia. We share the development of metallurgical solutions with you, together with their fields of application. High quality standards, in addition to a priority orientation towards the client, are the two aspects closest to our hearts. Our strong points, moreover acknowledged by our clients, are expressed in a strong process orientation and in an important metallurgical support, always guaranteeing an impeccable service and high level of reliability. Furthermore, we listen to the individual needs of each client, be it in the automotive, medical, nuclear, aeronautical, building or process sectors.

Naturally, above not only complies with certification regulations but also respects the law and  people collaborating with us at all levels, in addition to the environment in which we operate.


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