Ugitech Italia S.r.l. was born in Milan in 1954 as Trafilerie Bedini, taking its name from its founder, the Bedini family. In 1967 it moved to Peschiera Borromeo, its main activity being the cold working, for third parties, of carbon and free-cutting steels. After a few years Trafilerie Bedini, upon request of its clients, successfully started the production of stainless steel bars and wire.
In 1980, on the basis of its significant experience and know-how, it decided to specialize in the processing of stainless steels, abandoning carbon and free-cutting steels.
In 1990, the company was acquired by the steelworks Ugine Savoie, now Ugitech, also specialized in the production of stainless steel.
On July 1, 2006, Ugitech, of which Trafilerie Bedini was part, was acquired by the steel group Swiss Steel which, as a result of this acquisition, established itself as a world leader in the production of long products.