Ugitech TFA

Ugitech TFA caters to the market of stainless-steel spring wire and stainless-steel and nickel-alloy welding wire just like the parent company Ugitech SA. These sectors have ambitious requirements as far as reliability, flexibility and responsiveness are concerned.

Our company satisfies its customers’ requirements with an extensive product range in terms of grade, mechanical properties, surface finishes and treatments with diameters ranging from 0.20 to 8 millimetres. Ugitech TFA is proud of its ability to guarantee service-oriented performance which is also thanks to its membership of a large international group. The service we offer is characterised by the fact that, upon request, customers may specify the properties of the initial casting in order to utilise synergies that would otherwise only be available at an integrated facility.

An international clientele with exacting requirements relies on Ugitech TFA’s performance and proven ability to innovate. We are involved in the development of technical/metallurgical solutions and their fields of application. High quality standards and putting the customer first are the two aspects upon which we place greatest importance.

Customers appreciate our solid process orientation and dependable metallurgical support, along with exceptional service and reliability.

Furthermore, we are ready to handle every customer’s individual requirements, be it from the automotive, medical, nuclear, aeronautical, aerosol, oil & gas, building & construction or process sector.

Naturally, all this takes place not only in compliance with certification rules, but whilst showing respect for the law, the people who work with us at every level and the environment in which we operate.


Ugitech TFA S.r.l.

Headquarter :
Via G. Di Vittorio 34/36
20068 Peschiera Borromeo – MI Italia
Tel : +39 02 54 74 31
Fax : +39 02 54 73 483  
Mail : info.ugitech-tfa(at)

Operative and Administrative Headquarters:
Via Friuli, 2
31020 San Vendemiano – TV Italia
Tel. +39 0438 40 61 10
Fax +39 0438 40 18 30   



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