What is today Ugitech - TFA was originally founded in 1968 as TRAFILERIA FERRO ACCIAIO S.p.A. for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing drawn metal products mainly intended for arc-welded gratings and mesh used in building applications. Product characteristics meant that in the beginning the market was just local and only subsequently did the sales network extend to the whole of Northern Italy.

The difficulties of the iron and steel industry at the end of the 1970s forced the company to switch to products with greater added value; therefore, the first attempts were made to manufacture stainless steel that led to the acquisition of technological knowhow and purchase of the first stainless-steel-wire annealing furnace. The introduction of a new product range helped the company expand and enjoy market growth, particularly abroad. In the meantime, special market niches were identified, such as spring wire, that the Company rightly decided to conquer.

To enable improved rationalisation of the spring wire manufacturing process, the Company decided to set up a new manufacturing facility as a separate business. The new company (FILINOX) was subsequently merged with this facility in 1993 following complete reorganisation designed to close the iron-wire department and expand the stainless-steel-wire department by opening a welding-wire department. This radical change of product and market called for an upgrade of the manufacturing facility and a production process review.

The idea of quality as the only solution for all-round improvement was taken on-board by company managers and gradually extended in-house. The Company was keen to tackle the perceived challenge of implementing a Quality System and Top Management's primary objective was to produce resources in a manner consistent with such goal. In 1996 the Quality System was introduced with Certification granted to UNI EN ISO 9002 (1994 edition), before achieving conformity with standard ISO 9001:2000 in 2003 and subsequently ISO 9001:2008 in 2012.

In recent years, TFA FILINOX S.p.A. has invested in expanding and improving factory production control, progress chasing and the work environment with the aim of bringing the System into line with the current state of the market.
Following the crisis in 2008, affecting the entire metalworking industry, and various market trials and tribulations, on 05/04/2013 the company IWC S.r.l. (in liquidation) leased its industrial division to the new company Ugitech – TFA S.r.l. with effect from 08/04/2013.

Under the terms of this change, the Company continues the same business previously carried out first by TFA Filinox S.p.A. and then IWC S.r.l. (in liquidation), i.e. steel processing in general, drawing of austenitic, ferritic, martensitic stainless-steel wires and nickel-alloys.

Ugitech – TFA S.r.l. is a member of the Ugitech S.A. Group with registered office in Ugine (France), controlled by the Swiss group Swiss Steel, currently a leading manufacturer of long stainless-steel products.