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Produced in our Brionne (FR) facility.


Ugitech, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel and alloy long products,
offers a wide range of profiles and grades to meet the most demanding requirements and uses (in the petrochemical, chemical, mining and food industries).


Simple or complex:
Triangular, square, oval, drop shapes, flat bars with round or flat edges, half-round bars.
For complex shapes, please forward a drawing to us so that we can best meet your requirements.
Our manufacturing possibilities: 2 to 70 mm 2 cross section.


Our isoscele triangles mainly dedicated to Oil and Gas filtration.


We help you to develop new markets by providing dedicated services:

  • Experts available worldwide;
  • Personalized support in the back office or on-site;
  • Help with the choice of the material most suitable for your needs and recommendations;
  • Upstream support with study of your technical specifications;
  • Research centre support, etc...