31. January 2017

Steeltec publishes Material Selection Guide

  • Five steps to the right steel

  • New guide support material selection


Greater efficiency, improved dynamic strength and longer service life – the components used in today’s high-tech applications have to meet increasingly sophisticated demands. Cost-effective production processes are essential to maintaining long-term market viability. Steeltec, a member of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, has identified five steps that manufacturers of advanced steel components can take to identify the right high-performance steel for their purposes and to optimise the costs of their manufacturing processes. These five steps are set out in Steeltec’s recently issued Material Selection Guide.



Using Steeltec’s new Material Selection Guide (‘High-performance steel solutions for demanding engineering applications’), companies that process steel or that fabricate steel components now have the means to find the right technically advanced and persuasively priced premium-grade steel for their applications. The Guide explains the benefits of getting the material selection process right and the problems that can arise when the wrong choice is made, and recommends ways to optimise material processing and machining stages. The Guide provides checklists that enable users to translate their individual processing and product requirements into material properties and it illustrates how preventive quality assurance measures can lead to enhanced market competitiveness. A case study of the electric power tools manufacturer Metabo is included to illustrate how a development partnership with Steeltec generates cost-efficient technically optimised solutions for producers and manufacturers.



Working with Steeltec in this way has been shown to produce consistently high component quality, good tool service life, improved process reliability and shorter manufacturing times.  ‘We help component manufacturers to achieve the best possible cost-benefit ratio along the entire value chain,’ explains Guido Olschewski, Head of Quality and Product Development at Steeltec. ‘The key is simply to provide manufacturers with the best high-performance steel for their specific application needs.’ The Steeltec motto ‘Contributing ideas’ is at the core of the company’s approach to business. As the leading producer of special bright steels and with a history stretching back 170 years, Steeltec’s focus is on developing high-performance steel solutions that meet the requirements of even the most challenging technical applications.


 If you are interested in finding out more, you can order a free copy of Steeltec’s new Material Selection Guide either as a downloadable PDF file or a printed document by going to http://leitfaden.steeltec.ch/en/home.



About Steeltec


With a workforce of around 550 in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey, Steeltec is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of special bright steels. The product portfolio covers high-strength and higher strength special steels, high-quality bright steels, special quenched and tempered steels, free-cutting steels, case-hardening steels and engineering steels. Working closely with its customers and external research institutions, Steeltec is focused on developing and delivering the best high-performance steel solutions to its customers. The basis for the company’s success lies in the continuous development of materials, processes, test methods and technologies. With its ability to deliver premium steel solutions and its commitment to preventive quality assurance, Steeltec is helping its customers achieve more cost-effective production of innovative, high-performance and durable products as well as shortening product development times. To deliver the greatest possible value to customers, Steeltec’s technical sales team are in continuous contact with their colleagues in the quality management and development units. Steeltec permanently monitors the trends and needs of international technology providers, so that it is in the best possible position to deliver innovative material and process solutions. By using the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group's global distribution network, which covers 30 countries in five continents, Steeltec can guarantee delivery reliability to its customers in the automotive, hydraulic and mechanical engineering industries.






The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is one of the foremost providers of customised solutions in the field of special-steel long products. S+B is one of the leading producers of tool steel and stainless long products in the global marketplace and is one of the top two companies in Europe for alloyed and high-alloy engineering steel. With around 9000 employees and its own manufacturing and distribution centres in more than 30 countries on five continents, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH is able to guarantee the provision of products and support services to its global customer base, offering a comprehensive portfolio covering production and pre- and after-sales services. SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH customers benefit from the company’s technological expertise, its consistently high global product quality and the company’s detailed understanding of local markets.



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