27. March 2017

Forge Fair 2017: The highest forging quality with tool steel from Finkl Steel

  • Finkl Steel is exhibiting at Forge Fair, Cleveland April 4-6 at stand 741
  • Focus: Tool steel products for die forgings and free forged parts

At Forge Fair stand 741, steel producer Finkl Steel is presenting their tool steel products for die forgings and free forged parts to meet a variety of challenges. The high cleanliness and consistent mechanical properties of the special steels modified to meet customer requirements gives forging plants optimum production conditions.


Finkl Steel delivers competitive results by providing technical consulting and educational sessions. On April 5 at 9:30 a.m. in Track D, Finkl Steel will explain the practical advantages of their family of die steels compared to standard products on the market.


Good machinability and consistently homogeneous material properties are the prerequisite for demanding forging processes. One example is near-net shape technology which is used to manufacture tools and dies close to the final shape with narrow dimensional tolerances. Finkl Steel, a company of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, is the leading provider of steel solutions for a wide range of demanding forging production conditions.


At Forge Fair, the focus is on products and services offered for tool steel for die forgings and free-forged parts. Target markets include suppliers to the automotive and aviation industries as well as the oil and gas industry. With hot working steels including FX, CX, WF, SHLX and SHD, Finkl Steel offers a large portfolio of alloy compositions and heat-treated properties. Combined with technical consulting and seminars designed specifically for the individual customer, the company supports forges to master the increasing challenges of the market optimally.


On April 5 from 9:30 to 9:55 a.m. in Track D Louis-Philippe Lapierre, Group Chief Metallurgist and Elizabeth Bilitz, Technical Product Manager, will lecture on the advantages of Fink Steel steels compared to standard material. The results of field-testing reveal the advantages, for example, of improved yield strength at high temperatures.


About Finkl Steel
Finkl Steel is one of the world’s leading producers of forgings, plastic mould steel, tool steel for hot forging dies applications and open-die forgings. Finkl Steel belongs to the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group. Finkl Steel combines nearly 300 years of steel expertise: As of April 2015, the Group’s North American subsidiaries A. Finkl & Sons, Composite Forgings and Sorel Forge moved to operate under the single brand name “Finkl Steel”. The company manufactures its products at three production facilities in Chicago, Detroit (USA) and Québec (CA). Finkl Steel distributes in North America and worldwide. With more than 100 patents, the steel formulations and steelmaking technologies set worldwide standards. In recognition of Finkl Steel's product quality, the companies’ facilities were the first in America to receive ISO 9000 certification.


The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is today one of the world’s leading providers of individual solutions in the special long steel products sector. The Group is among the leading manufacturers of tool steel and non-corrosive long steel on the global market and one of the two largest companies in Europe for alloyed and high-alloyed constructional steel. With around 9,000 employees and in-house production and distribution companies in over 30 countries and on 5 continents, the company guarantees its customers a global supply and customer service, and offers a complete production portfolio as well as sales and services around the world. Customers benefit from the company's technological expertise, consistently high product quality around the world and detailed knowledge of local markets.


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Internet: www.schmolz-bickenbach.com


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