16. April 2018

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH strengthens corporate governance


Lucerne, April 16, 2018 – SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, a global leader in special long steel,  strengthens proactively and on a voluntary basis its corporate governance with the changes to the Board of Directors proposed to the Annual General Meeting on April 26 and the independence of the current Chairman of the Board of Directors proposed for re-election.


At the Annual General Meeting, a proposal will be made to the shareholders to reduce the size of the Board of Directors from currently seven to six members and to re-elect the current Board Members Martin Haefner (Vice Chairman), Michael Büchter, Marco Musetti and Dr Oliver Thum. It is also proposed to elect Isabel Corinna Knauf as new independent Board Member. The current Chairman Edwin Eichler will stand for re-election as an independent member of the Board, Mr Eichler and Renova Group having terminated their contractual relationship. The proposed changes were supported by all major shareholders represented in the Board of Directors.