Automotive : Stainless steel brings you further !

Due to their high quality in a variety of areas, stainless steels are increasingly used in cars. Thanks to their high technical performances, stainless steels respond to the car's present and future developments.

They are to be found in the engine, the passengers' protection equipment, the exhaust system. They enhance the safety aspects of the vehicle, help to make it lighter and offer the possibility of recycling.

Their main advantages are :

  • corrosion resistance against numerous substances (road salt, fuels, corrosive fluids, etc.) is a major advantage,
  • their resistance to creeping and oxidation at high temperatures enables them to be used from the engine entrance (parts of turbo-compressors, EGR) up to the exhaust line (hooks, solder wire, gas sensors),
  • the magnetic properties of certain stainless steels, combined with their corrosion resistance makes them the ideal material for solenoid valve or fuel injector parts. Certain grades also have machinability properties to aid mass-production of components,
  • hence, there are many combinations of properties (corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, deformability, elasticity, magnetism) allowing a multitude of other direct uses (springs, fasteners etc.) without the need for any surface treatment.