With Ugitech, opt for a stainless steel constitution!
A complete range of grades and adapted dimensions

Our strong points

The facilities and technical expertise of an international company steeped in over a hundred years of steelmaking experience.


New solutions to suit our customers’ needs thanks to a Research Centre at the forefront of metallurgy and an innovation management approach.


Ugitech has a quality management system that has been certified and approved by the most demanding markets.


Bars and wiresdiameter 13µ to 130 mm
Profiles1 mm² to 70 mm²

Implantable grades:

Products ranging from UGIPURE® electro-slag-remelted stainless steels to UGI® PHYNOX®* cobalt-based alloys

Ugitech gradeISO standardASTM standard
UGI KC35N5832-6F 562
UGI L6055832-5F 90
UGI PHYNOX*5832-7F 1058
UGIPURE® 44415832-1F 138
UGIPURE® 44725832-9F 1586

The UGIPURE® and UGI® ranges are available in billets, bars, wire rods and drawn wires.
*PHYNOX® is a trademark from aperam. 

Grades for accessories and instruments:

A wide range of austenitic and martensitic grades including:

Ugitech gradeISO standardASTM standardNFS standard
UGI 4404316LF 89994090
UGI 4028420B
UGI 4057431
UGI 4542630
UGI 4034420 -94090
UGI 4435 -
UGI 4462-
UGI 4418-
UGI 4197420 MODF899-

To notice the new UGI 4116N grade (1.4116 to EN 10088) that combines high hardness (midway between that of the AISI 440B and AISI 440C grades) and good corrosion resistance for medical instruments.