Material for the future

Iron and chromium : a successful combination

Very early in the history or iron and steel, corrosion resistance emerged as a major problem and this was overcome by adding a certain quantity of chromium.
For steel to be classed as a stainless steel, it must contain at least 10.5 % chromium and less than 1.2 % carbon.

Stainless steels form a large family which comprises more than 200 different grades. Depending on the specific properties being sought, these steels may sometimes contain other additional elements such as nickel, molybdenum, copper, titanium.

Stainless steels : a guarantee for the future

An investment in longevity

With the opportunity to manufacture complex parts and assemblies at the right price/quality balance, making stainless increasingly popular with industrial companies and general consumers.

An investment in safety

With their excellent corrosion resistance and optimal thermal and mechanical properties achieving an outstanding performance at very high temperatures and/or pressures.

An investment in health

With chemical resistance to detergents and disinfectants which guarantees optimum health standards in food-processing and medical applications.

An investment which enhances the apperance of our surroundings

With their lasting aesthetic qualities, stainless steels are favoured by architects and designers to embellish the buildings and public spaces which form part of our everyday lives.


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