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Through its brands, Ugitech develops for its customers, a range of economic and successful grades.


    the only ferritic stainless steel equivalent to the austenitics for welding and assembly on exhaust lines.
  • EXHAUST® F1 Evolution : After the worldwide success of EXHAUST® F1 (430 LNb), Ugitech features a new evolution of MIG welding wire for exhaust lines: 430 LNbE.



Grades with high mechanical properties.


The UGI® grades offer all possible options in terms of grade, diameter, end finishing, and quantity. They are available ex-works or ex-stock.


Alloy welding wires.


UGICHROM® combines the high effi ciency of micro fissuring chromium plating with the technology of Ugitech's most advanced bars. For our customers, this guaranteed zero-defect solution is indispensable for many cutting edge applications (offshore, nuclear, wind power, aeronautics, etc.).


A wire that lasts, doesn’t stretch out of shape, and practically eliminates maintenance.
Breaking loads : UGIFIL® Over 135 kg/mm².
Elongation : UGIFIL® Less than 3 %.


A complete range of products used for concrete rebars. These stainless steel rebars are the solution to the problems encountered today in building and construction. They guarantee safety, durability, reduced maintenance costs andimproved living conditions. UGIGRIP®


Martensitic and ferritic grades characterized by their excellent levels of mechanical or magnetic properties.


Our range of improved machinability grades recognized by users. This process allows unparalleled cutting conditions and tool wear levels without affecting the intrinsic properties of the grades. We offer a growing range in a UGIMA® version.


The generation of UGIMA® that gives an additional boost to the productivity of grades 1.4305,1.4404, and 1.4307.


The optimum magnetism/machinability compromise in stainless steel. UGIPERM®


An excellent compromise between corrosion resistance and the mechanical properties of the austeno-ferritic grades (Duplex).


Obtained with the ESR process, these stainless refractory products with improved cleanliness and structure respond to the strictest requirements of high-tech industries. UGIPURE®


Our isoscele triangles mainly dedicated to Oil & Gas filtration. UGISHAPE™

UGI® Slick

The "must-have" for Slicklines in the Oil & Gas industry.

All Slick lines are 100 % Eddy Current tested before delivery to ensure that surfaces are free of cracks, and now an additional process has been added to detect defects under the surface, which is not normally possible with EC testing.

Ugitech can offer a wide range of grades, including Austenitic Stainless Steels, Duplex and Super Duplex grades and Nickel or Cobalt based alloys. UGI® Slick


Stainless steel welding wires. UGIWELD™