UGIGRIP® - Total cost of ownership

The use of stainless steel in risk zones is ones potential savings that can be identified at the structure design stage thanks to stainless steel's specific properties. In the medium and long term, it is the most profitable solution allowing numerous savings:

At the design stage:

  • UGIGRIP® offers higher mechanical properties than carbon steel, so that it is possible to use smaller metal cross sections and/or smaller quantities (saving on labour costs).
  • By using UGIGRIP®, it is possible to reduce concrete thicknesses, resulting in far lighter construction (production of precast products, significant savings on concrete and transport costs).
  • Using stainless steel in only the most exposed zones suffices to increase the service life of the structure very significantly. It is therefore not necessary to design all-stainless structures.

In use:

  • By using UGIGRIP®, subsequent maintenance is no longer required and it is possible to eliminate the costs this entails such as repeated inspections, traffic stoppages for tunnels and bridges, production shutdown for industrial buildings, etc.
  • UGIGRIP® allows greater leeway with regard to construction procedures: the rebar can show on the surface without a subsequent risk of corrosion.