UGI® Slick

Produced in our Imphy (FR) facility.


The “must-have” for Slicklines in the Oil & Gas industry

A specific grade for each type of well

Choosing a material for a slickline depends on:

  • local concentration of chloride, CO2, H2S,
  • downhole pressure and well temperature.


Metallic spools are specially designed forease of handling, storage and safe running of your coiling operation. Ugitech takes particular care of the coiling settings during production, the helix, cast and tangling parameters
have been specified to avoid too high tension during your own spooling operation which could damage the workability of the wire.


We help you to develop new markets by providing dedicated services:

  • Experts available worldwide;
  • Personalized support in the back office or on-site;
  • Help with the choice of the material most suitable for your needs and recommendations;
  • Upstream support with study of your technical specifications;
  • Research centre support, etc...


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