Produced in our Imphy (FR) and San Vendemiano (IT)  facilities.


  • Aerosols: cosmetics/pharmaceuticals (valves and pumps).
  • Automotive: motor environment (turbos, exhausts,injectors, etc.), steering, safety devices (brakes,airbags, etc.).
  • Electronic and household appliances.
  • Industrial applications: petrochemical, mechanical, etc.
  • Aeronautics.
  • Medical, etc.

Sizes and shapes offer

Round wire rod
Matt0.18 to 16 mm
Nickel plated-matt0.18 to 1.80 mm
Bright mechanical1.00 to 4.00 mm

 For other sizes, please contact us.

Shaped wires
Round-edged, flat-edged,
square-edged flat bars
Bright or coated
0.2 to 50 mm2


We help you to develop new markets by providing dedicated services:

  • Experts available worldwide;
  • Personalized support in the back office or on-site;
  • Help with the choice of the material most suitable for your needs and recommendations;
  • Upstream support with study of your technical specifications;
  • Research centre support, etc...


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