Wire rod

Ugitech : Stainless steel wire rod

A wide range of martensitic, ferritic, austenitic, duplex and heat resisting grades…

  • Specific grades for all activities: wire drawing, bar drawing, cold heading, manufacturing of cutlery and a wide range of parts: screws, welding rods, spring, profiles...
  • For manufacturing various parts: fasteners (screws and bolts), wire for springs, profiles, welding rods, knives, etc...
  • Continuous development and improvement of existing grades to meet market requirements (automotive industry, ultra-clean grades for medical uses, etc...).

Services adapted to your needs

  • Short and reliable delivery times.
  • Technical assistance to help you to choose the best grade for your needs.
  • Our Research and Development Center to help you to develop new products.
  • An eServices portal to track your orders in real time and download at anytime all the documents related to your orders: order acknowledgments, delivery notes, certificates, invoices…

Consistent quality guaranteed by our Approvals  

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949, Lloyds, Tüv, Qualifas, Cofrac.

5 to 32 mm each 0.5 mm up to 13 mm,
12.4 -  13.2 mm and from 14 mm each mm up to 28 mm

Please consult for other dimensions


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