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Water and stainless steel

"Water is not just necessary for life... water is life." St Exupéry

With this in mind, Ugitech modestly aims to meet the challenge to provide the water industry with innovative and environmentally friendly stainless steel solutions.
Whether for drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, salt water desalination, or water transport and storage applications, stainless steel can offer very attractive solutions.
Its superior corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties, chemical and biological neutrality, and recyclability all represent major benefits.

Product :

  • Semi-finished products (square billets)
  • Round, hexagonal and square bars
  • Round and hexagonal wire rod
  • Wire (for welding)
  • Profiles (for filtration)

Our brands

Because the type of water to be treated also varies, Ugitech offers you a wide choice of stainless steel grades. Among these, Ugitech has specially selected a range of economic and efficient grades at a time, perfectly suited to the water industries.